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strong woman

A Letter to my Daughter: Be This Kind of Strong Woman

No one tells you all your dreams can’t fit in one life. You may wonder if a strong woman follows or leads. Is she in the boardroom or the kitchen?

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How Motherhood Has Changed Me

I spent most of my 20’s trying to be someone else. Finally marriage, motherhood, depression, and my 30’s forged my self-discovery and acceptance.

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college student parents

What College Students Want Parents to Know

The college years can be a tricky transition not just for students, but for their parents as well.

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The Song That Haunts My Fatherhood

As a kid, I identified with the boy in the song who wanted more of his Dad’s attention. 30 years later, I was the dad leaving my son wanting more.

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make Summer memories

3 Fail Proof Ways to Make the Most of Summer

You can be intentional with your kids over the summer. Here are 3 ways (+ a printable) to help you pull off a meaningful summer.

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choosing Christianity in college

7 Ways to Know if Your Kids Will Choose Church in College

You’ve detected trends that are leading your kids away from church in college. But, let’s be honest. Kids do what they like. Why can’t that be church?

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mom helping child to ride a bike

Don’t Let Fear Control Your Motherhood

When fear and anxiety threaten to take control of how I parent my children, I remind myself of four truths.

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Is Straight-to-College the Best Path for High School Seniors?

Changes in educational costs and in the job market should prompt teens and their parents to consider some great alternatives to college.

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raising boys

How to Train Your Boys to Be Men

I have three sons. My oldest still wets the bed. My youngest says two words. They’re just boys. How do I start this whole “man-thing”?

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body image

Teaching Our Daughters Positive Self-Talk

When my 6-year-old daughter with long, lanky legs called her thighs fat, I knew something had to change. I didn’t know body image issues would come so early.

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Dear Mom, Thanks for the Real Moments of Motherhood

Dear Mom, Thanks for the Real Moments of Motherhood

Here’s to our mothers. Thanks for letting us see you struggle, ask for help, and never give up on the ones you love.

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Single Mom Mother's Day

To The Single Mom on Mother’s Day

I see you, single mom. I know you’re out there and  you may be struggling today on Mother’s Day. You deserve this day the most.

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working mom

Viral Rant “Society to Working Moms” Totally Gets Women’s Stress

While we might relate to the laundry list of women pressures, we have to be honest about why working moms and our husbands believe them.

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Good Parenting

When Parenting Isn’t Popular

Making responsible, though not always fun, parenting decisions pays dividends and yields goodness that lasts well beyond the moment.

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working mom

A Day in the Life of a Working Mom

Making memories, passing on our faith to the next generation, is what our moments are made of. I try to focus on fully living in every single one.

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College Admission Scandal

Lessons From the College Admissions Scandal

These parents wanted the best for their children. But is any college worth what those families are facing now?

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Spring Break Memories

Spring Break Is for Making Memories

Staycation or vacation? Either way spring break is a time to take advantage of for having fun and creating family memories.

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baby shower

Every Expectant Mom Deserves a Baby Shower Like Meghan Markle’s

One of the greatest lessons motherhood is teaching me is that I cannot do it alone. Baby showers remind us of the help we need from family and friends.

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Mom, Kind Is the New Skinny  

What if our generation of moms decided to love the mom bods we’ve got? Motherhood puts a glow on any woman! It’s a look that’s well worth the wear.

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Birthday parties

When Everyone Gets Invited to the Birthday Party

My kid’s birthday party means I include and find commonalities with nearly total strangers. And it’s a really beautiful thing.

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avoiding drama

5 Ways to Avoid Being a Drama Addict

Moms today have enough on their plates without adding unnecessary drama to the list.

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Helping your child choose a college

Questions Every Parent Should Ask Their Kids as They Consider College and Career

In order for your teenagers to be able to make adult-level decisions, they need guidance. You can help them by asking good questions.

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Body image

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, How Should Mama Look After All?

How do we treat ourselves well while also remembering that God cares more about our hearts? Can we keep our hearts pure but also enjoy fashion?

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How Can I Let Go of the Mom Guilt?

How Can I Let Go of the Mom Guilt?

Guilt doesn’t freshen us and give life—it suffocates us and takes more than we have to give.

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6 Tips to Reduce Stress for Working Moms

6 Tips to Reduce Stress for the Working Mom

When my youngest started preschool, I took my first job outside the home in nearly 10 years. I was frazzled, guilt-ridden, and late everywhere I went.

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wine corks

Can Mommy Have a Drink?

Pretty much everyone has an opinion on “mommy wine culture.” Here’s a few factors to consider if you’re thinking about sipping a glass.

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What I Wish Drew Brees Had Whispered to His Boys

I want more for Drew Brees and his sons than just what they can earn. And Jesus offers more.

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Cancel Family Dinner

Should Your Family Cancel Dinner?

It’s not always practical to eat dinner as a family. The solution? Give yourself and your family some grace and cancel dinner tonight. 

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Saturdays are for Family

Saturdays Are for Winning

Instead of my husband abandoning us for the woods or holing up in a man cave glued to ESPN, we’ve made fall Saturdays family days.

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Yes, Momcations are a Thing

Kid-free trips either alone or with girlfriends is an idea I can get behind.

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