The following lists are provided as information for our constituents. Neither FamilyLife nor FamilyLife Today® endorse, certify, or verify any of the following counselors, counseling organizations, or training resources. The purpose and objectives of the list are strictly informative and educational.

The official position of FamilyLife and FamilyLife Today on Christian counseling is that persons seeking Christian counseling should consult with their pastors and trusted Christian friends in their community first as they seek how to find a Christian counselor or organization that can help meet their needs. For a detailed statement of this position, see the resource, “Finding a Christian Counselor,” which is designed to help constituents or other interested persons find the right counselor.

American Association of Christian Counselors

Association of Biblical Counselors

Association of Certified Biblical Counselors

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Biblical Counseling Coalition

Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation

Christian Association for Psychological Studies

International Association of Biblical Counselors

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