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15 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Black Histor...

In February, we have the opportunity to learn more about the strength and history of Black individuals. Check out these ideas for celebrating Black History Month with your family.
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10 Things To Give Thanks for This Year

We’re called to “give thanks in all circumstances…” But with its challenges, it can be hard to name things to give thanks for this year.
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10 Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve With K...

Looking for ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve with kids? We’ve got you covered with the #UltimateFamilyNight.
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New Year

4 Prayers for the New Year

We're in the practice of resolutions. These prayers for the New Year will move us toward spiritual renewal too.
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Pop-Pop, Henry, and My Reasons to Remember

My Pop-pop told stories. About how my Mom-mom fell in love with him. About the Marines. Later I found out there were some secrets he didn't recite.
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graduation gifts

Affirmation: the Perfect Graduation Gift

We give words of affirmation to someone shortly before or after their death. But why wait? Learn to speak life giving affirmations today.
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Ideas for Observing Halloween Without Compro...

Two moms discuss ways they have allowed their children to participate in the holiday without undermining their values.
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Celebrating Easter

4 Ideas for Celebrating Pentecost

Learn to appreciate the wonder of God actually residing within each of us who believe in Him.
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The Forgotten Holiday: What Happened to Pent...

Five reasons why your family should celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit.
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