mom talking with child

Have You Talked to Your Kids About Sex?

The sex talk and gender conversations in your home don’t have to be big, awkward productions. But they do need to happen. The sooner the better.

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When Parenting Isn’t Popular

Making responsible, though not always fun, parenting decisions pays dividends and yields goodness that lasts well beyond the moment.

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working mom

A Day in the Life of a Working Mom

Making memories, passing on our faith to the next generation, is what our moments are made of. I try to focus on fully living in every single one.

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College Admission Scandal

Lessons From the College Admissions Scandal

These parents wanted the best for their children. But is any college worth what those families are facing now?

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Spring Break Memories

Spring Break Is for Making Memories

Staycation or vacation? Either way spring break is a time to take advantage of for having fun and creating family memories.

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Blended family in church

Going to Church As a Single Parent or Blended Family

As a single mom turned stepmom, I look to the church for help to heal. But it’s challenging to feel accepted in a place where my family isn’t reflected.

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30th birthday balloons

5 Things Taylor Swift Gets Right on Her 30 Birthday Lessons

The pop music star is about to turn 30, and her list of life lessons beautifully blends heart with humor, plus practicality and purpose.

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Dave and Ann Wilson

‘I Told God I’d Rather Die Than Be Married to You’

Meet Dave and Ann Wilson, the new cohosts of FamilyLife Today® who bring the authentic voice of a couple who has struggled greatly in their marriage—yet found hope and help in Christ.

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baby shower

Every Expectant Mom Deserves a Baby Shower Like Meghan Markle’s

One of the greatest lessons motherhood is teaching me is that I cannot do it alone. Baby showers remind us of the help we need from family and friends.

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cultural differences

We Moved Our Family and Changed Their World

One day David and his wife, Meg, realized they wanted their family to see that the world is a more diverse place than what they were experiencing.

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What parents need to know about the Momo Challenge

What Parents Need to Know About the Momo Challenge + 5 Ways to Respond

What’s a level-headed but vigilant parent to do with this information? Here are five ways to respond to the unsettling Momo Challenge.

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Finding your way back to church

Finding Your Way Back to the Church After Sexual Abuse

How can the victim of sexual abuse trust the body of Christ again? How can we go back to any church body? Why should we even try?

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What We Should Say to Our Sons About the Robert Kraft Solicitation Charge

What Should We Say to Our Sons About the Robert Kraft Solicitation Charge?

Your sons have already heard about the owner of the New England Patriots charged with solicitation of prostitution. What will they hear from you?

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Mom, Kind Is the New Skinny  

What if our generation of moms decided to love the mom bods we’ve got? Motherhood puts a glow on any woman! It’s a look that’s well worth the wear.

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How Should We Feel About B. Smith’s Husband’s Girlfriend?

Suffering from Alzheimer’s, lifestyle guru B. Smith hardly seems to recognize the other woman now living in her home. Should we sympathize with her husband?

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Married Single Parent

I Am a Married Single Parent

I am still legally married. But all the things that a marriage typically brings, especially in the world of parenting, do not exist in our marriage.

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Helping your child think missionally

Helping Your Children in the Discovery of Their Mission

From a FamilyLife Today® broadcast, a list of ideas to help your kids think missionally about life.

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Masculinity is not toxic

Words Can Be Toxic; Masculinity Is Not

Toxic masculinity, the new term in vogue powering today’s cultural discussion, is concerning. The answer certainly cannot be vilifying masculinity.

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Why take your kids to church

Why Take Your Kids to Church?

Nap schedules, feedings, teething, separation anxiety, sickness, sports – when kids are young, it seems easier to stay home. Is going to church worth it?

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Marie Kondo helped

How Marie Kondo Helped My Tupperware Drawer … and My Marriage

At first I found the KonMari tidying method to be humorous. But my husband says it’s attractive to him when I clean and organize our home.

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Birthday parties

When Everyone Gets Invited to the Birthday Party

My kid’s birthday party means I include and find commonalities with nearly total strangers. And it’s a really beautiful thing.

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winning at Valentine's Day

I Used to Fail at Valentine’s Day

I always seemed to fail at this holiday until a game-changer idea took me from zero to hero. Now my wife and kids look forward to it weeks in advance.

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Searching for Significance in the World of Social Media

Nobody Liked My Tweet! Searching for Significance in the World of Social Media

People spend hours tweaking their digital persona in a search for significance. Yet is social media the best place to look?

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Improve your sex life

10 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

Maintaining the marital bed isn’t always easy. Here are some ideas to help you keep your marriage strong by coming together often as husband and wife.

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avoiding adultery

Guard Your Heart From Adultery

The core issue regarding sexual temptation is the condition of our hearts.

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avoiding drama

5 Ways to Avoid Being a Drama Addict

Moms today have enough on their plates without adding unnecessary drama to the list.

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Cost of parenting kids

Kids Are Worth Every Single Penny—and More

At the end of my life, I won’t be sad about what I couldn’t afford. I’ll be thankful for the rich memories and lives we’ve built with our children.

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Let’s Turn the Helpless Into Heroes

I’ve always believed that’s what birth mothers really are—heroes.

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young couple with heads on pillows–woman looking at man who is facing away from her

Young, Married, and Unable to Have Sex

Having grown up in the church, it came as a shock to me when my husband and I encountered difficulty consummating our marriage.

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5 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Spouse Through Busyness

5 Ways to Stay Close to Your Spouse in Life’s Busiest Seasons

Our intentions to do good can also pull us away from the most important human relationship in our lives.

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